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Business Design With Human Design

The Course

Business Design with Human Design® The Course will help you quickly (and easily) select the perfect business model based off of your human design, and help you create the framework to transform your business model...without the wasted time, money and energy, and overwhelm. If you are craving an individualized approach that considers who you are, the strengths you bring to the table and the lifestyle (& freedom) you desire. You've watched as colleagues who don't have as much expertise as you successfully launch their businesses online, yet you can't seem to get out of your own way to get your program off of the ground. The Business Design with Human Design The Course is for you.

  • Throw out all the rules on how you "should" build a business and embrace the possibilities.
    You can build a life & biz around who you are. It starts with the foundation of your business...the business model, offer, and role you play in that container.

  • Get clear on the nuance of the business models, roles, containers, and offer is best for you based on both your human design AND the lifestyle you desire.

  • Navigate the straddle season with more ease because you know what to expect, the potential pitfalls along the way, and have clarity on what is pulling your forward.

  • Discover by design (& with intention) the nuance of your natural tendencies through the profiles, types, circuitry, variable, centers and more

  • What's Included
    9 modules, 6 live calls, community, private podcast and more.

Get Ready TO Embrace Ease & Fall in LOVE With Your Business...By Design

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The Client Experience..

Here’s how some of our clients have been able to transform their biz.

Tamara MacDonald

“Thank you Jaimie for creating this program to help business owners find the way to build their business in accordance with who they are and not some cookie cutter strategy that works against each person's unique energy.I have never felt more seen."

deal number two

The Profile Collective

Have you been wanting to dig deeper into the nuance and depth of the 12 profiles in human design? This is for you! Gain access to The Profile Collective. A 12 hour deep dive into the the profiles in human design. If you are a human design lover, want to dig deeper into the profiles, and understand how to better support yourself and your clients by better understanding the profiles The Profile Collective is for you.

  • Delve into the 12 Human Design Profiles

    Each month 2 new profiles drops will be added to the learning platform throughout the first six months of 2023 along with 6 monthly Q & A sessions to dive into the nuance and depth of the profile.

  • What's included

    Each month 2 new profile masterclasses will be added to the learning platform, along with a lesson text which include the high expression, low expression, key themes, challenges, questions and examples.

  • Profile Congruence Meditation

    Each profile training also includes an alignment meditation to support you in getting into congruence with the high expression of your profile.

Each profile collective will normally be sold at $47 per profile - For Black Friday receive all 12 for $247

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The Client Experience

Here’s what some of our amazing clients have experienced.